Geodata Consultants, Inc.

Geodata Consultants, Inc. established in 1994, has extensive experience in providing professional services to both public and private sector clients. Our dedicated core staff of four Florida Professional Surveyors and Mappers have a combined experience of over seventy years in providing a full range of surveying services. We are currently able to provide six survey crews, with office support staff to complete the projects. Our prior experience has entailed surveys for major and minor roadway projects, utility improvement projects, and GIS mapping. Our services have been provided under many continuing service contracts, either directly or as a sub-consultant. We can provide the following types of services:


        Boundary Surveys

        Photogrametric Control

        Topographic Surveys

        Horizontal & Vertical Control Surveys

        Title Review

        As-built Surveys

        Acquisition Documents

        GIS Data Collection

        Right of way Surveys

        Subdivision Platting and Review

        Right of way Mapping

        Wetland Jurisdiction Surveys

        Design Surveys

        Bathymetric Surveys


We have always been committed to responding to our client’s needs in a timely and professional manner. We implement sound procedures to establish an accurate record of our surveys. We strive to provide professional mapping which accurately represent the actual conditions observed by the field survey. We fully understand the need to provide a product which is cost effective to our clients, as well as the importance of keeping with project schedules and to achieve the successful completion of the required scope of services.